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2013-11-21 04:22 pm

Happy Birthday!

To cereta.  I know things have been pretty tough, I hope this day marks the turn towards better times ahead.  Or if not, at least that it brings more small joys and pleasures amidst the darkness.
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2013-11-20 09:59 pm

Five things about Parks and Recreation.. and then another thing

1.  Leslie Knope is such a flawed and perfect woman.
2.  Ron Swanson is disturbingly like my father in certain respects.
3.  April Ludgate is a work of genius.
4.  It makes me laugh loudly.
5.  It contains the most potent UST I can remember seeing in a show since *ahem* Moonlighting.

And I love it so very much.  But....

What is with the whole Jerry situation?  I don't get why it's funny, it just seems mean.  I get so sad when I see his sad face. 
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2013-11-11 08:40 pm

If they had to keep defragmenting the wormholes

Both elderly laptops on the fritz so posting is limited, I have to jump in when there's a window, like Sliders.

Just a couple of quick links for today:

Jo Brand speaking at the Mumsnet bloggers conference (disclosure - I haven't quite finished listening yet, and early on there's an extremely brief reference to a serious surgical procedure, in case that's somehting you don't need in your life today). 

If you haven't played The Room, and you like puzzle games, I can recommend it.  Not free, but made by a small independent company and worth supporting I think.  It's absolutely beautiful, incredibly intuitive to use, and the puzzles are just the right level of difficulty, to my mind.  And there's about to be a sequel out.

Was so busy this week I haven't even watched Haven yet!  Going to sit in bed and do that now.

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2013-10-21 07:35 pm

The week is dead, long live the week

The Week of Social Anxiety is over, and I have to say everything turned out pretty well considering my state of excessive nervousness beforehand, so yay!

the combination of copious fresh air and exercise and dark autumn evenings keeps putting me to sleep before I can do anything creative at all.  Am barely keeping up with the glut of telly shows (not complaining though!).  Have decided to be kind to myself, and patient, and wait for the spark to strike again.
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2013-10-14 08:41 pm

A brief survey of my extensive areas of ignorance

I came across this Tumblr post by Cardinal Bitchface on the subject of sex between men in Renaissance Florence and a few things struck me about it:

1) "Rape of men was not uncommon during this time. Bernardino of Siena preached that women should keep their sons locked in their homes, and only let their daughters out into the town."  Not so much just because the sons were kept home, but that at the same time, the daughters were allowed out.  That's a strange world to imagine, I'm not sure whether it ever came to pass or just stuck at the preaching stage.

2)  "A survey conducted during the Renaissance in both Siena and Florence found that 24% of men aged 18 and up who had sex with other men were also married, compared to 51% in Florence".  Again, I'm exposing my terrible ignorance and lack of imagination here I am sure, but while I know people throughout history have counted and measured all sorts of things it hadn't really occurred to me that people were doing what you might call social science surveys at this time.  It makes me wonder if the Phoenicians, the early Ottomans, the ancient Chinese etc. were all doing it as well?

3) I can't help having a quick moan that if this were a blog there might be more interesting discussions in the comments rather than just endless reblogs (although I guess to some extent those represent the people who would read a blog post and not comment).  But there's no use fighting Tumblr and at least this has lots of lovely references in it.
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2013-10-09 08:50 pm


Name of a talk I saw advertised:

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the drains."
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2013-10-02 08:12 pm

Sleepy Hollow: Pilot


 Loved it. So. Much.

Further babbling )

I mean, obviously it's only the pilot but here's hoping!

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2013-10-01 10:40 pm

Just one late tiny post to add

They are going to film The Silver Chair!  My absolute favourite Narnia book!  I mean I'm quite happy with the book, I have never craved seeing it on screen or anything but if they were going to do one more.... *Runs to bookshelf*
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2013-10-01 08:09 pm

I think I should be paying more attention on Tumblr

I've seen lots of people on my flist say they were watching Sleepy Hollow, but I'd never heard of it.  I assumed it was connected to the film, which is a good one but didn't make the show jump to the top of my to-watch list (already pretty crowded at  this time of year, let's face it) or anything.  I should have known, because last time this happened it was for Orphan Black.  But in my defence, nobody mentioned that the show was like this or the actors are like this

Linking to this post from rydra_wong which is so worth a read (and the linked articles too):  "Carrie Patrick talks about her personal history of weight-lifting through illness and injury, and the extreme folly of thinking you can judge someone's level of effort or work by looking at them:  "The amount of discipline, time, and effort that a person has put into their physical training does not always show.""
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2013-09-30 09:05 pm

In local news; DOGLOGIC

Big Dog: *stamps his feet*
Me: Want your ears scratched?
BD: nope
Me: Want to play ball?
BD: nope
Me; Need to go out?
BD: nope
Me: Well sort yourself out then, I'm reading.
BD: *stamps his feet for TWENTY MINUTES*
Me: What in the everloving mike do you want?!
BD: it's bed time
Me: It's ten to nine.
BD: yes, that's my bed time.  i've decided
Me: Well put yourself to bed then.
BD: no, i need you to come too or it's not the same
Me: You will be insensible within seconds of hitting the rack.  You don't need me.
BD: i can't completely ignore you if you're NOT IN THE ROOM
Me: Yes, your logic there, it is impeccable.  *headdesk*
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2013-09-29 03:50 pm

At this rate I should have a tag for 30 posts in 90 days

I spent most of the weekend sleeping so I feel great but, as usual, have accomplished less than I somehow thought I would.  A few things I have done:

1) I watched this Buffy vid which I thought was really great.  I'm not sure why I struggle so much to offer concrit on vids but I do, so that will have to suffice for a recommendation for now. 

2) As I result of 1) I got out the DVDs and started yet another Buffy re-watch (although I fell asleep almost immediately) - I do wonder what is it about that show, why is it so endlessly re-viewable?  I mean it's good, but there are a lot of good shows that I don't particularly want to see again or don't stand up as well when I do.

3)  Accidentally listened to Charles Causley reading Eden Rock - it's excessively sentimental but bangs a number of my cultural buttons with a hammer so I had to stop and have a little sniffle.

4) Watched AoSHIELD which seems like a 'wait and see' at the moment.  Watched 4.03 of Haven which I was a bit disappointed by.  Mainly due to clunky directing choices which I thought sucked a lot of the impact out of the dramatic and emotional scenes.  But I read a few other squee-filled reactions which warmed me right up to it again.  Can't watch POI or SPN till the other half is home *shakes fist* and thinks of this Netflix advert which makes me laugh so hard...

5) Went to see Bill Bailey which was an enjoyable night out but not a great comedy show, just going for the easy laughs. 

6) ETA and watched this silly Duke/Nathan vid, pointed out by killabeez and enjoyed it immensely.  It made me miss Duke's hair!  All his many hairs!  And to need more fic!

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2013-09-27 08:45 pm

Brain powering down in 3...2...1...

Lots of half-formed posts floating in my head none of which will actually coalesce so just some random bobbins instead:

Neighbours are listening to a remix of 'Somebody I used to know' with a bounding hairy bass beat which is working quite well for me but then they are singing Queen songs over the top which produces rather an odd effect.

I've been invited to a thing by a couple of kids half my age, and on the one hand they clearly want me to come but on the other hand it's all their friends that I don't know and I'm a bit nervous about standing out as a random Old.

Reccing 'Unsounded' a web comic about a small girl with a tail and her mysterious bodyguard on a dangerous journey in a magical land.  The art is beautiful and it's funny and engaging, I get the feeling the artist has been building this world in her head for a long time, and it shows, and I got hooked very quickly.  Some sex, some violence and gore, some distressing concepts, death.  It's a WIP but there's a lot to catch up on and she updates regularly.
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2013-09-25 09:41 pm

A good day

Hurrah for a new job with a normal workload and starting to feel vaguely human again.  Of course my brain is still trying to find something to stress about, but I'm hoping it will wear itself out and give up.

Also hoping that this will leave me feeling like I have enough spare willpower to form some good habits.

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2013-09-24 09:33 pm

I remember when all this was just fields

Storm text me a pic of herself that she'd taken right then and there, from a distant part of the world, and I for real exclaimed out loud 'It's like magic!'  I don't know why this seemed amazing,  I guess just because it's far.  And I remember writing letters home from that same place.  I suppose this is always how it goes.  You just accept the new thing, fit it into a big or a small space in your life, budge stuff over to make room.  But every now and again you get to see it fresh.  The Mars Rover tweets me and yes yes and then sudddenly something changes and  it hits, it's real, that little piece of machinery in such an impossibly distant lonely place.  That little whoosh when the plane lifts clear of the ground and you're flying.  It's fun, to be mind-blown by the magic, for a moment.
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2013-09-23 09:59 pm

Thought this was about one thing, turned out to be another

Weighing up the virtues of posting vs. posting something that maybe shouldn't be.  But trying to break a mould, so, here's my list of minor irritations.  It's all I got to give.

1) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stop retweeting your Don Jon nonsense into my twitter feed, dammit.

2) Eric Balfour, stop it with the teasing fanservice when there will be no following through.

3)  Writing anything more than smut requires so much research.  I am not a natural researcher.  Result: frustration.

4) That thing when you think you might have found a new band you like and then it just...isn't, quite.

5) Oh, oh, and Night Vale?  Soooo close and then suddenly, slightly wide of the mark.

6) I haz a poorly.

BUT in the end this really is a thankfulness post, 'cause if that's all I have to worry about, things really are not so bad.
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2013-09-21 06:58 pm

A mixed bag of Allsorts (I am gabby today! I gab!)

Spent the day in the British Museum.  As a result ancient Assyrian wall friezes and portal sculptures and obelisks are my new jam.  Growing up we were in and out of there the whole time, but always all we really wanted to see were the Egyptian mummy rooms.  I take this expansion of interest as a sign of maturity.  The friezes etc. don't really photograph well (here's a gate spirit though) but they are so beautiful and detailed.  And although the subject matter tends to the religious/patriarchal and /or violent and gory, the skill of the sculptors is just incredible, especially in the fabrics and the animals.  It's funny as well, you can really see that generations of art students have been through the museum looking for inspiration - you notice all these little design motifs they lifted which have cropped up in recent decades.

Speaking of history, I have a word for the gritty TV makers - if you want a historical dynasty as subject matter for a sexy, gory show that doesn't require everyone to say of it, "well you know, women's sphere of influence was restricted, they had to exert power in indirect and apparently passive ways and that's not sexism, that's just how it was, you know, historically"* check out these women:

Anna of Russia, madder than Mad Lord Snapcase, who made two of her male courtiers 'marry' each other (I believe they were both already married to other people) and live as chickens in a basket outside her door.

Elizabeth of Russia, who led a bloodless coup and vowed never to execute a single person during her reign and who never did.

And of course, Elizabeth's niece by marriage Catherine the Great and her porny furniture and all the rest.  Between them they ruled from 1730 - 1796 (with a couple of very brief breaks for some fellas to get a look in) The stories of these women are just extraordinary, each and every one, and there are so many oddball relatives and major historical happenings to throw into the mix.

In addition to the 30 days of posting challenge, I'm trying to also comment on somebody's post every day as well.  Because if we're all just talking at each other that's not so good.  It's the interaction which is the glue which will...keep this juggernaut...on the road.  Or something.  And like feedback it's easy to think about doing it and nearly do it and then not.

And now there's new Haven, hurrah!  Although, ungrateful as I am, I'm already slightly mourning the early innocent days before the story arc really took off, when it was more just...concepts to play with.  Although I like the arc! I do!

*ETA: There are other reasons why people don't need to say this, of course.

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2013-09-20 09:17 pm

One tiny thing makes a post

So tired, so very tired.  The start of the academic year is just shattering, although also, joyful.  All these lovely new seasons of my shows but I'm struggling to be around to watch them and, more importantly, talk about them.  And I had all sorts of plans for the evening but they all got overtaken.

Anyway, I'm in sort of a melancholy mood, but one of those ones where you also maybe enjoy revelling in it?  So Imma share with you one of my favourite sad fics.  Die Hard 4, short, explicit Farrell/McClane.  This, Undone by lunabee.
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2013-09-19 06:14 pm

Is this normal?

Two posts today since I missed yesterday.

Sometimes when people write fic that I love but which has little bits in I don't like, or spelling mistakes etc. I copy the text and edit it till I like it better.  Then I read that version instead.

I edit compulsively and the longest so far I was still editing something after I posted it on a site was 2 years and 18 months.  I posted something not long ago and there's one sentence where I can't decide if a word belongs at the beginning or end of the sentence and I've just switched it again for the fifth time.

But everyone does that, right?
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2013-09-19 06:09 pm

Silly ideas had in the bath

In addition to my wish that there should be a TV channel showing nothing but every exercise vid ever made, I'd love if they each had some sort of number representing beats per minute verse / chorus or somehting, which matches one that comes with every song track so you could play your own music instead of theirs. 

I like exercise videos, but I'm easily bored, I guess is what I'm saying.