Sep. 27th, 2013

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Lots of half-formed posts floating in my head none of which will actually coalesce so just some random bobbins instead:

Neighbours are listening to a remix of 'Somebody I used to know' with a bounding hairy bass beat which is working quite well for me but then they are singing Queen songs over the top which produces rather an odd effect.

I've been invited to a thing by a couple of kids half my age, and on the one hand they clearly want me to come but on the other hand it's all their friends that I don't know and I'm a bit nervous about standing out as a random Old.

Reccing 'Unsounded' a web comic about a small girl with a tail and her mysterious bodyguard on a dangerous journey in a magical land.  The art is beautiful and it's funny and engaging, I get the feeling the artist has been building this world in her head for a long time, and it shows, and I got hooked very quickly.  Some sex, some violence and gore, some distressing concepts, death.  It's a WIP but there's a lot to catch up on and she updates regularly.


cryptolect: Intrepid girl adventurer (Default)

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