Sep. 21st, 2013

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Spent the day in the British Museum.  As a result ancient Assyrian wall friezes and portal sculptures and obelisks are my new jam.  Growing up we were in and out of there the whole time, but always all we really wanted to see were the Egyptian mummy rooms.  I take this expansion of interest as a sign of maturity.  The friezes etc. don't really photograph well (here's a gate spirit though) but they are so beautiful and detailed.  And although the subject matter tends to the religious/patriarchal and /or violent and gory, the skill of the sculptors is just incredible, especially in the fabrics and the animals.  It's funny as well, you can really see that generations of art students have been through the museum looking for inspiration - you notice all these little design motifs they lifted which have cropped up in recent decades.

Speaking of history, I have a word for the gritty TV makers - if you want a historical dynasty as subject matter for a sexy, gory show that doesn't require everyone to say of it, "well you know, women's sphere of influence was restricted, they had to exert power in indirect and apparently passive ways and that's not sexism, that's just how it was, you know, historically"* check out these women:

Anna of Russia, madder than Mad Lord Snapcase, who made two of her male courtiers 'marry' each other (I believe they were both already married to other people) and live as chickens in a basket outside her door.

Elizabeth of Russia, who led a bloodless coup and vowed never to execute a single person during her reign and who never did.

And of course, Elizabeth's niece by marriage Catherine the Great and her porny furniture and all the rest.  Between them they ruled from 1730 - 1796 (with a couple of very brief breaks for some fellas to get a look in) The stories of these women are just extraordinary, each and every one, and there are so many oddball relatives and major historical happenings to throw into the mix.

In addition to the 30 days of posting challenge, I'm trying to also comment on somebody's post every day as well.  Because if we're all just talking at each other that's not so good.  It's the interaction which is the glue which will...keep this juggernaut...on the road.  Or something.  And like feedback it's easy to think about doing it and nearly do it and then not.

And now there's new Haven, hurrah!  Although, ungrateful as I am, I'm already slightly mourning the early innocent days before the story arc really took off, when it was more just...concepts to play with.  Although I like the arc! I do!

*ETA: There are other reasons why people don't need to say this, of course.


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