Sep. 19th, 2013

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In addition to my wish that there should be a TV channel showing nothing but every exercise vid ever made, I'd love if they each had some sort of number representing beats per minute verse / chorus or somehting, which matches one that comes with every song track so you could play your own music instead of theirs. 

I like exercise videos, but I'm easily bored, I guess is what I'm saying.
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Two posts today since I missed yesterday.

Sometimes when people write fic that I love but which has little bits in I don't like, or spelling mistakes etc. I copy the text and edit it till I like it better.  Then I read that version instead.

I edit compulsively and the longest so far I was still editing something after I posted it on a site was 2 years and 18 months.  I posted something not long ago and there's one sentence where I can't decide if a word belongs at the beginning or end of the sentence and I've just switched it again for the fifth time.

But everyone does that, right?


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