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Storm text me a pic of herself that she'd taken right then and there, from a distant part of the world, and I for real exclaimed out loud 'It's like magic!'  I don't know why this seemed amazing,  I guess just because it's far.  And I remember writing letters home from that same place.  I suppose this is always how it goes.  You just accept the new thing, fit it into a big or a small space in your life, budge stuff over to make room.  But every now and again you get to see it fresh.  The Mars Rover tweets me and yes yes and then sudddenly something changes and  it hits, it's real, that little piece of machinery in such an impossibly distant lonely place.  That little whoosh when the plane lifts clear of the ground and you're flying.  It's fun, to be mind-blown by the magic, for a moment.

Date: 2013-09-25 01:46 pm (UTC)
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I love that flash of "oh my god the world is so amazing." I try to remember to encourage it as often as possible!


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