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I've seen lots of people on my flist say they were watching Sleepy Hollow, but I'd never heard of it.  I assumed it was connected to the film, which is a good one but didn't make the show jump to the top of my to-watch list (already pretty crowded at  this time of year, let's face it) or anything.  I should have known, because last time this happened it was for Orphan Black.  But in my defence, nobody mentioned that the show was like this or the actors are like this

Linking to this post from rydra_wong which is so worth a read (and the linked articles too):  "Carrie Patrick talks about her personal history of weight-lifting through illness and injury, and the extreme folly of thinking you can judge someone's level of effort or work by looking at them:  "The amount of discipline, time, and effort that a person has put into their physical training does not always show.""

Date: 2013-10-01 08:22 pm (UTC)
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Sleepy Hollow is fun! I don't have high expectations yet—there's a good bit each week that borders on the slightly ridiculous—but I definitely intend to keep enjoying it!

(And I'm not at all sure Orlando Jones has the slightest idea what he's in for... ::g::)


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