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 Loved it. So. Much.

1.  Abbie.  The Dean to Ichabod's Sam.  She might get second billing (just) but she's very much the driving force right now.  I love her so much already.

2.  The dialogue was really good! people said normal human things which made sense!  Ichabod was bewildered in a believable way but it wasn't all overdone and I thought they handled all the interrogation and everything so well - obviously people were going to think he was deluded but they weren't being dicks about it, like maybe real people might not be.  Just... every time they had a choice they went for the slightly subtler one.

3.  Yay for a diverse LEADING cast in a fantasy type show.  They weren't messing about with the offing of the old white dudes....

4.  And Abbie's partner got fridged (sort of) and Ichabod's wife didn't (sort of)!  Although - I have to say, for the short time he thought she'd been horribly killed he didn't seem especially cut up about it.

5.  I thought they tied all the elements together into something interesting.  "Tied together for 7 years", heh - they obviously have their ifngers crossed for success.

I mean, obviously it's only the pilot but here's hoping!


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