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I spent most of the weekend sleeping so I feel great but, as usual, have accomplished less than I somehow thought I would.  A few things I have done:

1) I watched this Buffy vid which I thought was really great.  I'm not sure why I struggle so much to offer concrit on vids but I do, so that will have to suffice for a recommendation for now. 

2) As I result of 1) I got out the DVDs and started yet another Buffy re-watch (although I fell asleep almost immediately) - I do wonder what is it about that show, why is it so endlessly re-viewable?  I mean it's good, but there are a lot of good shows that I don't particularly want to see again or don't stand up as well when I do.

3)  Accidentally listened to Charles Causley reading Eden Rock - it's excessively sentimental but bangs a number of my cultural buttons with a hammer so I had to stop and have a little sniffle.

4) Watched AoSHIELD which seems like a 'wait and see' at the moment.  Watched 4.03 of Haven which I was a bit disappointed by.  Mainly due to clunky directing choices which I thought sucked a lot of the impact out of the dramatic and emotional scenes.  But I read a few other squee-filled reactions which warmed me right up to it again.  Can't watch POI or SPN till the other half is home *shakes fist* and thinks of this Netflix advert which makes me laugh so hard...

5) Went to see Bill Bailey which was an enjoyable night out but not a great comedy show, just going for the easy laughs. 

6) ETA and watched this silly Duke/Nathan vid, pointed out by killabeez and enjoyed it immensely.  It made me miss Duke's hair!  All his many hairs!  And to need more fic!


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