Sep. 16th, 2013

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Maybe this is something which is true of a lot of people, giving rise to the saying, but I have found that after saying I would never do something I end up doing it almost immediately.  To the extent that when I hear myself saying it I often take a mental pause to think 'that will probably happen quite soon then'.  Recently in a conversation I found myself saying that I hate babyfics (which in context of thinking about fic was the equivalent of saying I'd never write one).  The next morning while having an unusual lie-in I got hit with a sudden ficspiration for...yes.  It will have to join the queue though.  I have no idea how some people (people with little children, no less!) manage to write so many long plotty fics.  I can barely crank out a few basic smutlets and that's stealing from time when I should be doing other things.  Let alone my to-read list...

Today's link is to I Blame The Patriarchy.  I have no idea whether everyone already knows about it or not, but it's a feminist blog which I have found very helpful in untangling my own troubled relationship with sexism.  Like a fish trying to describe water, or whatever the saying is, I find it hard to think clearly about the issues which are actually affecting me.  But Aunt Twisty has such a clear view on it all.  It doesn't really matter whether I always agree, although I usually do, it's just a really helpful reference point.


cryptolect: Intrepid girl adventurer (Default)

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