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I read this defence of Sex and the City the other day and I found it quite persuasive*.  In particular it made the point that SaTC has been excluded from the list of 'great (cable) TV shows'.  And I'm sure I'm not the first one to think this, but it immediately brought to mind comparisons between 'Weeds' and 'Breaking Bad'.  I'm definitely not the best person to draw this comparison in any detail, as I gritted my teeth through the first three episodes of BB and then gave up, so maybe I'm way off the mark.  I think perhaps that Breaking Bad is more grittily realistic and Weeds rather more soapy? 

But as far as I understand it, they are both shows about privileged white people who feel under pressure to get hold of some money fast after a major life event, and turn to the drug trade for that purpose.  Both shows start out sympathising with the main character and then show the impact of their actions on their family and the gradual triumphing of their own worse nature as difficult decisions lead to bad decisions lead to worse ones.

Weeds which I have watched up to mid-season 6 so far, definitely seems to be oriented towards women, not only in having a lead female but in that generally the women, even when being brutalised, threatened, down on their luck etc. always seem to stop short of being completely degraded to the point that I would see on a show oriented towards the male POV.  To some extent they hand-wave the impact such events might actually have on a person in real life, but the point is, I think, that they know women audiences don't necessarily want to see that on screen yet again.  Similarly BB seems to be oriented towards men I think.

Anyway I might be talking nonsense so maybe anyone who's seen both shows can enlighten me on the reasons why Breaking Bad is such a major TV event in a way that Weeds (as far as I can tell) was not?

*even though I personally found watching that show injurious to my mental health.


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